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Childrens Cutlery Perfect from 3 Years Old
Children's Cutlery Royal Purple
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Childrens Cutlery Perfect from 3 Years Old
Children's Cutlery Sea Blue
Sale price£14.95 GBP
Suction & Sections Plate For Toddlers & Preschoolers
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Your Child’s Journey - Learning to Use Cutlery

We’re proud to offer innovative and high-quality products that are designed to support children’s development and make mealtimes easier for busy parents and children! Join us, on our mission to help children eat, learn, and grow with Nana’s Manners!

Children’s first foray into utensils should start with a spoon! Babies are born with a grasp reflex but the conscious “Fist Grasp” or “Palmer grip” starts to develop early on around 5 - 8 months. The movement comes from the shoulder. Children will grip with the whole of the hand moving from the elbow. As a result, the wrist and fingers stay in a fixed position.

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