Why use Waxed Cotton to make coveralls, bibs and napkins?

Why use Waxed Cotton to make coveralls, bibs and napkins?

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Why do we use Waxed Cotton to make coveralls, bibs and napkins? Our designs always start with the child and what is best for them. Everywhere we looked we saw plastic and lots more plastic. Sure, plastic keeps you dry, but when we looked in our own wardrobes we saw very little, and certainly nothing we sat comfortably to eat meals in! So why do we want our little ones wearing it??

We searched... and discovered this wonderful alternative - Waxed Cotton! The beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity — it is built to last. The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable and unlike many alternatives, can be maintained by you, the garment owner. Your coveralls, bibs and napkins can be proofed to keep up performance and protection levels, ensuring they last for many years, long after plastic fabrics have split from repeated cleaning.


Where does waxed cotton come from? How is it produced?


1)     What is Waxed Cotton?  Quite simply, it is a cotton which has been treated with a wax coating to produce a fabric which has water repellent properties. These waxes can be made from a number of sources. Waxes and oils are naturally occurring substances found in leaves, bean/seed coverings, animal furs and feathers. It is natures protection against the elements.


2)     Most bibs are made of plastic – why?  At Nana’s Manners, did we choose to use waxed cotton and make our products plastic free? - Waxed garments can be regularly reproofed to maintain performance for many years, making them uniquely sustainable. Many synthetic, man-made fabrics used to make children’s coveralls and bibs end up in land fill once their performance levels cannot be maintained through the plastic layers breaking up – bibs ‘crack’, loose their water repellence or disintegrate during repeated washing and drying. After years of use Nana’s Manners coveralls, bibs and napkins will make the perfect hand-me down!


3)    What is in Nana’s Manners Liquid Wax Reproofing Spray?  Petroleum jelly (think Vaseline) and paraffin waxes are bi-products from other manufacturing processes - very efficient! It is great to be able to actually make use of the waste products of this process! Nana's Liquid Wax Reproofing Spray is available here.

4)    Waxed cotton is a material that’s gentle to the environment  Manufactured using low-impact processes and by-products from other industries. The processes used to apply the waxes to a cotton fabric are also low impact, meaning we do less damage to the environment than many established manufacturing methods. Our waxes are fully biodegradable, where as PFC’s (used to waterproof artificial fabrics) are extremely persistent in the environment


5)    Waxed cotton fabric is naturally breathable. This means the wax adjusts to ambient temperature, becoming softer and more breathable in warm weather and more insulating in colder, perfectly suited to keep your little one comfortable all year round! Certainly a million times more comfortable than wearing a plastic coverall; in the summer months or in a cosy kitchen in Winter!


Waxed cotton products also have a unique character. We love everyone being different!! The finishes ensure that garments look better with age, naturally picking up a degree of creasing through use, which adds to the character of the fabric itself. They’ll be a firm favourite in your household for a long time to come – then you can keep them safely, ready for the grandchildren!


Nana’s Manners exclusive, unique, Original Waxed Cotton Stage 1 Coveralls, Stage 2 Bibs and Stage 3 Napkins are now available here.


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