The UK's first family focussed range of vegetable infused foods. Great tasting family favorites packed with hidden vegetables and made with natural ingredients for convenient healthy and nutritious eating.

Healthy eating doesn't need to be time-consuming or difficult for busy families.

We want to help families make learning about healthy eating easy. Encouraging conversations to learn more about the benefits of the great tasting food we eat. 

Perfect for mums and dads looking for convenient, easy cook meals that the whole family, little ones and grown ups can enjoy to! 

Love British Food







Together with some of the UK's leading manufacturers of food. Nana's Manners wants to be the difference for families across the country. We're creating healthier, more nutritious traditional foods. We've introducing more plants, discretely packing in vegetables and natural ingredients. So parents can be confident in feeding great tasting, better for you, healthier, more nutritious food that the whole family can enjoy.  



We're determined to improve the environmental impact of the food supply chain and help bring great tasting, healthy and nutritious mealtime favorites to every family. Combining great tasting natural ingredients to make up some of our favourite traditional family meals.

Together we can all play our part in reducing the impact of what we're eating on our environment whilst also improving the quality of the food we eat.

We're removing all the nasties and pointless bulking agents, whilst keeping food ingredients great tasting, cleaner, natural and better for everyone to enjoy. 


Our foods help parents encourage children to eat more vegetables with  discrete vegetable infused combinations of traditional family favorites. Mealtime staples that look delicious, tickle taste buds and feed hungry minds.


We're giving families food to talk about whilst feeding young, hungry minds. Our Eat & Learn range encourages the start of conversations to discuss and learn more about the world around us. Creating more magical family moments around great tasting healthy food families can enjoy together.


Fun family learning, where children Eat, Learn and Grow.  


Now thats food for thought!