From baby to toddler, our stage 2 range is perfectly designed to build confidence. It is a delight to watch children's confidence grow as they start to do more themselves. Our products are perfectly shaped, easy to grasp, fun and easy to use whilst supporting your child's development.

For parents wanting babies to discover new foods, new tastes and textures for the first time.

Fork and Spoon for Toddlers

  • Perfectly shaping for little mouths learning to eat by themselves
  • Soft to touch and easy to grip supporting Palmer and Pincer grip hand movements
  • Designed to support toddlers build confidence at mealtimes

Easy grip with soft-to-touch handles perfectly sized for toddlers aged 12 months plus

Encourages early Fine Motor Skills development through the pincer and palmer grasps

BPA free and food grade

Dishwasher safe

Perfectly shaped for toddler building confidence eating

Soft-to-touch handles for toddlers to confidently grip

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