Introducing Nana's Manners Eat and Learn.

Introducing Nana's Manners Eat and Learn.

We are so delighted to bring to you Nana's Manners Eat and Learn. The concept is simply to help and support you, busy parents, grandparents, carers, and grown-ups, in general, to make more out of mealtimes.

We are so delighted to bring to you Nana's Manners Eat and Learn. The concept is simply to help and support you, busy parents, grandparents, carers, and grown-ups, in general, to make more out of mealtimes. It Sounds obvious right? but in fact, we're talking about learning opportunities in the day-to-day of prepping ingredients, preparing recipes, and generally making more of the everyday things around us. 

We've created healthier nutritious, guilt-free convenience food and mealtime staples. So whether you're preparing food, cooking food, or eating together at mealtimes. Eat and Learn makes your mealtime moments the focus of the conversation. With our mealtime favorites helping to spark the thoughts that begin those conversations to make the most of mealtimes!

Food for thought! 

We are a family with lots of allergy considerations that over the years, have caused us to take a much closer look at all the ingredients in the foods we are eating. With a 2-year-old, a 10 years old, and almost 20 years old. We feel not much has changed in the types of food on offer that is generally targeted towards families of both younger and older children.

Although it is fair to say that many food brands have taken on the responsibility of clear labeling and highlighting allergens contained within their foods. Overall we struggled to find foods that aren't either low to mid-quality processed foods or ready meals that may or may not tick the healthy, nutritious, and convenience boxes we are all looking for as busy families. Without compromising on quality or having to pay a premium. During the first lockdown, at Nana's Manners, we decided, this was something we wanted to change and do something about it...

Introducing Silly Sausages!

Introducing our first range of family-focused food - Silly Sausages! "A more Veg and less meat" product.  A silly sausage you say? Well actually, they are not silly at all. Seriously tasty is we've been told! They are shapes worth talking about that's for sure. Let's face it have you ever seen a star-shaped sausage? 

We've been working with one of the oldest family-owned farms in the UK to produce a new, better-for-you range of sausage, something different, something better something that kids will get excited about at mealtimes. A tasty, healthier, better-for-you option that adults and children can enjoy together.  Our Silly Sausages are a "less meat and more veg" product made of high-quality British pork -  (Red Tracktor certified) Pea Protein, Pea fibre, with absolutely no nasties, and all-natural ingredients. A cheeky way of getting the kids to eat more vegetables whilst forming a more balanced Less meat and vegetable diet...

The idea of less meat-based protein foods is not new as such. Especially given the recognised impact of meat consumption on our food supply chain's carbon footprint and environmental impact. This rapidly growing meat and vegetable category of flexitarian-styled eating is the perfect choice for families wanting to reduce the quantities of meat consumed in the family diet with protein sources that replace meats from other vegetables / plant-based foods. Making the mighty all-powerful pea a natural and obvious substitute. We're really excited to be able to introduce experts to you who can talk much more about Vegetable proteins and the benefits of flexitarian eating in future posts. 

Our Silly Sausages are a family-focused option to help you introduce a super tasty healthier food, that's better for you, better for the family, and better for the environment. We all want to do our bit to help the environment whilst eating better quality foods. Silly sausages are available in three shapes - Stars, Triangles, and Circles. You can find them in Tescos in the meat section amongst the Meat and Veg products. Do please check them out and let us know how yummy you think they are!