How much should I pay for children's cutlery?

How much should I pay for children's cutlery?

As soon as you have children, you’ll find there’s rarely a time when there’s not something for them on the shopping list, so in the list of priorities where does children's cutlery rank and how much should you pay for it?

As soon as you have children, you’ll find there’s rarely a time when there’s not something for them on the shopping list, so in the list of priorities where does children's cutlery rank and how much should you pay for it?


When we started our journey at Nana’s Manners we looked at what was out there already, finding cutlery sets from a few pounds up to a few hundred (a Dior set for £340 – it’s true!)

Whilst we certainly appreciate that most of us will not be buying this very lovely set, how much should we be paying for children’s cutlery? What makes it worth the investment?


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As parents ourselves, we put children's cutlery firmly on the essentials list. Unlike that (very beautiful) children’s designer t-shirt, it is a product that will last them for a longer period of their childhood than the clothes they seem to grow out of every 2 weeks. It’s also something that may not be super glam, but will add so much to their day-to-day lives as they constantly grow and develop. Sticking with the clothing narrative here, there’s something I first heard in relation to my wardrobe that I think applies to most purchases in life. I apply it to pretty much everything I buy for my children; Cost per wear (or per use, in this case). That pricey summer top they’ll likely wear a few times (especially here in the UK with the weather we’ve been getting lately!) then grow out of by next summer – not worth it. More expensive winter coat however (again, UK bias) is a bigger investment but we’ll certainly get our money’s worth! That summer top costing £15 worn 3 times works out £5 a pop. The winter coat costing £50 however worn every day for a good few months of the year – cost per wear is minimal.

Back to cutlery! Your little one will use it everyday, 2-3 times per day, so a good investment here is worth it. With weaning and food exploration being so important for babies, toddlers and young children, a good cutlery set will be fantastic value for money (Dior set aside!)



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Cost v. Value


What is the cost of children's cutlery? What is the value?


Cost – How much would that product cost to make? Am I being overcharged?

Nana’s Manners various cutlery sets are all are made from the best materials in the category. Our Stage 1 weaning spoons are made from top quality Nylon and 100% food grade silicone. Our Stage 2 and 3 cutlery sets made using highest quality food stainless steel with TPR (BPA free) plastic handles. These materials are not cheap. We could make them cheaper, but we wanted to make them better and we want them to last for years and generations to come!


Value – Beside the basic cost of making the product, what other values does it bring that I am offering my child here? Answer - there are loads!



Much like the first moment you witness your little ones riding their bike without stabilisers, you will see that joy and confidence shine when they realise they can hold their ergonomically designed children's cutlery, cut up their own food, and eat all by themselves for the first time. Their confidence will soar!


Eating more of the food you put in front of them

True story – we hear this from many parents – one of our favourite stories is here. Many studies have shown that children will eat more of the food in front of them if they find the physical aspect of getting the food from plate to mouth easier.


Grip development

From the moment they are born, babies are developing their muscles, included those needed to grip. Children’s grip changes as they develop from babies, into toddlers into young children – you can read more about this here. We know at each stage the best cutlery will be a different size and shape, so we created just that!

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Every mealtime your little one is practicing their fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and developing muscle memory Good quality, thoughtfully designed children’s cutlery brings so much added value for your child. Watch and see!



Why are Nana’s Manners Children’s cutlery sets more expensive than some I’ve seen on Amazon?


There are two answers to this question: top quality materials and top-quality design.


As I’ve already mentioned, Nana’s Manners various cutlery sets are all are made from the best materials available in the category, Nylon, 100% food grade silicone high quality food grade stainless steel, TPR (BPA free) plastics. These are not cheap. You cannot make products from these materials and sell them at rock bottom prices. If you see other cutlery sets claiming to be made from these materials and the price seems too good to be true (as the saying goes) it probably is.


Design – we design all our own products. You may see products out there that look very similar (or identical) from brand to brand, bar the logo or colour. This is because they are. This is called ‘white labelling’. You can go to a factory, look at a catalogue of products they make, choose one and they will add your logo. The design is not yours and anyone can do the same. We don’t do this.


white labelling

We start with the child and meet them at the developmental stage they are at; what size should the parts be? What shape(s) will support their development? What will make this easy for them to use? What is the best prong length? We look at everything! Because of this, our cutlery sets are all unique, designs owned by us. This development takes time, energy, and of course money. But it is worth it! This is why our cutlery sets are used in nurseries, schools and within the NHS – recognition of the support they offer babies, toddlers and young children.



We’re here for you!


All our products come with a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing defects. Just hold on to your proof of purchase and this is automatically activated.



A great cutlery set shouldn’t cost more than that lovely toddler outfit – but will certainly be used a lot more frequently for a lot longer! And don’t worry, we’re no-where near the Dior jaw-drop pricing!!


Stage 1 Weaning Spoons - £4.95 - £5.95


Stage 2 Fork & Spoon Set - £11.95


Stage 3 Knife & Fork set - £14.95


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