Teething Tips from the team at Matchstick Monkey !

Teething Tips from the team at Matchstick Monkey !

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Teething and Weaning are overlapping periods of your baby’s development and one can very much impact the other. With this in mind, we spoke to the Teething Team at Matchstick Monkey to get their tips for weaning during times of teething.

Weaning can be a difficult and confusing period for any parent, especially when it’s your first child. When your baby is teething as well, it can create an even larger problem! The best thing to do is not panic. Every parent goes through this challenging period and Matchstick Monkey is here to help you with some of our top tips! 

When your little one is teething, their gums become sore and swollen so in many cases eating foods can be painful and irritate the gums further. We have compiled a list below of top foods to give to your child, whilst they are weaning, that will help soothe their uncomfortable teething pains.  

Soft and gentle foods  

There is no surprise that soft, pureed food has a calming effect on inflamed gums. Anything that involves minimal chewing will mitigate any unnecessary pain, especially before their first tooth fully erupts. We would recommend any homemade vegetable purees, soft or cooked fruits (with no added sugar) or some soft rice or pasta dishes. 

Chilled foods 

Teething can make gums red and sore, so chewing on something cold can feel soothing and relieving! Once your baby has moved onto solid foods, we recommend carrot or cucumber sticks chilled in the fridge as a great pain-relieving snack (as long as they’re eaten under supervision of course). 

Hard foods 

If your child is already comfortable with eating solids foods try some homemade biscuit/breadstick recipes. Chewing and crunching down on hard foods counteracts the pressure from the rising tooth and it can also naturally encourage the emerging teeth to finally break through the gums. 

While teething can sometimes feel never-ending, especially if your little one is in pain, our top recommended foods ensure they’re getting the right nutrients in this challenging period. It is important to note that different methods and remedies will work for different babies so give them a try and see what works for your little one. Remember, regular childhood dental care helps set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. It is advised to book your toddler’s first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth appears! 

If you’ve found this article helpful, please feel free to check out our other teething posts on our website! 

Love, Matchstick Monkey Team 🐒 

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