Play activities with Play Hooray !

Play activities with Play Hooray !

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Clicking over our teaching backgrounds, I had the pleasure of meeting Claire early on in both our journeys. Her enthusiasm for play and her passion for helping children to discover new things as they build their confidence and independence in the early years is contagious! We believe that simple ideas are often the best so I’m delighted to bring you some of Claire’s fantastic ‘recipes’ for play activities that will keep your little ones engaged in their learning journeys.


Activity: Set up a play dough bakery!

Benefits: All that rolling, kneading and cutting makes play dough a fantastic resource for encouraging the development of those fine motor skills in your little ones!

Equipment: Play dough, a selection of accompanying tools (if you don’t have any of these, some children’s cutlery, a rolling pin and cookie cutters work just as well!), cake cases, candles, buttons, pom poms and rice sprinkles. And check out my recipe for easy, no cook play dough on my blog. It smells gorgeous and is super squishy too!

Instructions: Invite your children to make an array of colourful cakes, pastries, cookies and muffins before opening their very own bakery and engaging in some fun role play scenarios. This can be adapted for picnics, restaurants or pizza parties too!

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