Nana's Manners on the hit tv series BBC's Dragons Den

Nana's Manners on the hit tv series BBC's Dragons Den

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Whoa the Dragons Den. Since our episode aired, we’ve been asked many times what the experience was like. Probably the two most prominent words that spring to mind are ‘amazing’ and ‘petrifying’, each in equal measure. Or perhaps slightly more petrifying, at least whilst waiting for what seemed like forever for the lift doors to open!

Over the last couple of years, when telling people about  our ideas for Nana’s Manners, we’ve had so many comments of ‘You should go on Dragon’s Den! - We guess that our first product is that sort of idea. It was pretty surreal however when people were saying this in the run up and after filming, especially as we were only able to smile and nod!

We were very lucky to be able to do this together as a couple. We now have the upmost respect for all those who go through it alone! Even as re-assured as we felt by the feedback received from happy parents and children to date, nothing could really prepare us for those first two and a half minutes. Nether of us had any real idea what the dragons would say. Which was probably for the best!

The validation of the BBC’s Dragons, who because of their endeavours are beamed into the front rooms of the UK’s TV audience every Sunday night, was immense. 

We are so excited to work with Touker Soleyman and his team. Actually we’ve already started work on a range of colours, future product lines and a set of cutlery designed exclusively to help little hands in schools.

Thank you Deborah, Tej and Jenny. Peter, well you are, a true gentleman!

We have been truly touched by the response from people interested in our journey. We have had an abundance of amazing emails, many with people just taking 5 minutes to send us some words of encouragement expecting nothing in return. Some have told us stories of their children and how excited they are that our knife and fork will make a difference. A number have again written to us since purchasing with their amazing feedback. We cannot thank you enough. After a long day, it’s opening these emails that make us smile.

In case you didn’t get to see it here’s a clip of our pitch, when Nana’s Manners walked into the Den…



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