Half-Term with the Kids - Top 10 Tips

Half-Term with the Kids - Top 10 Tips

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The February break is almost upon us! Are you looking for some fun ideas? We’ve asked Nana for her Half-Term with the kids top 10 tips;  low-cost boredom busters to keep you and your family busy over the holiday!


1.    Treasure Hunt


Perfect for rainy days, hunting for treasure can be great fun! First, cut out 10 circles using card with your toddler and paint them gold or wrap in tin foil, so they look just like coins. You can then hide them around your home giving your little explorer a treasure map. Once all 10 coins are found they can trade them in for a little treat.


2.   Wrapping paper prints


Create an artist corner so your little one can get adventurous with colour and textures. Use rolls of plain paper and make some personalised wrapping paper that you can use for presents all year round. Potato prints, stamps, stickers, and stencils work well.


3.   Make your own playdough


Easy to make, playdough is a great activity for toddlers during the half-term break.


For one playdough ball, mix together:

·      8 tbsp plain flour

·      2 tbsp table salt

·      60ml warm water

·      1 tbsp vegetable oil

·      food colouring (optional)


Wrap your playdough in cling film and store in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Half-term with the kids top 10 tips



4.   Show time!


There’s nothing cuter than watching your little one perform, so why not dress them up as their favourite character so they can put on a showstopper for the family.



5.   Build a den


Another great one for a Half-Term rainy day, use sofa cushions, bed sheets and blankets to create a super cuddly den for your little one and their favourite toys. Grab some books, a torch, and their favourite snacks for their secret hideaway.



6.   Nature hunt


Make a list of animals, creepy crawlies and plants and go for a walk to your local park or farm. How may can you tick off?



7.   Smile for the camera


Hand over your phone so your little photographer can snap their half-term

fun then print them off and create a photo album. They can also stick any memorabilia from their break e.g. their nature hunt tick-list!


8.   Spring clean


Make a pile with your little one of all the toys, books, and clothes they no longer need and donate them to charity or sell some so they can earn some pocket money to buy some new things.  Look for local charities like The Toy Project and teach your little ones they can recycle their unwanted new and used toys for those that need them.


9.   Garden grooming!


Whether they’re sweeping up the leaves or planting some flowers, get your little one outside so they can explore the nature in their garden. They can also collect their favourite flowers and leaves and make a garden collage.



10.  Movie Night!


A simple one not to be forgotten. Great for the end of the week when everyone’s getting tired. Put a blanket and cushions out, choose a good film, get some snacks in and make cinema tickets for lounge entry! Without the pressure of having to get up for school it doesn’t matter if the movie keeps everyone up a bit – relax and enjoy!



We hope these fun activities help keep your little one busy during the half term break!


Love Nana x

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